This Level enables us to provide a quick and inexpensive "read" on a company's financial condition. We serve as a second pair of eyes in reviewing financial statements (public or private), looking for anomalies that hint at financial problems. This enables our clients to take advantage of our years of analytical experience, familiarity with markets, and our ability to quickly recognize potential areas of risk.
A simple phone call or email is all it takes.

Estimated fee range:* $100 - $250

The pricing on the reports is presented in estimated ranges since analytical projects vary widely in the complexity of financial documents, availability of market data, the cooperation of management, and other project-specific issues. The estimated fee schedules assume that a single company or market is being examined. The scrutiny of technology-based companies often requires specialized research efforts: markets are frequently ill-defined; the ability of management to productize a technology must be judged; and complex technologies need to be examined.

Expenses are in addition to analytical fees. All invoice payments are due on a net 30 day basis unless alternative arrangements are made prior to the start of a particular project.