The Alliance Group now offers a Tenant Credit Rating Report that presents a comprehensive assessment of the risks involved in a particular tenant transaction. This is our most rigorous level of tenant scrutiny and the one that will provide the highest degree of certainty about the level of tenant risk involved in a lease.

The Rating represents our opinion about the current

creditworthiness of a company with respect to a specific lease obligation and is derived from an in-depth analysis of a company's key financial and business fundamentals. Our overall Tenant Credit Rating distills the issue of tenant risk down to a single number (see sample) and is designed to simplify the process of making leasing/tenant decisions and determining the need for credit enhancements.

A Tenant Credit Rating Report includes a rigorous analysis of all aspects of a company's financial condition, as well as an examination of market-related issues in order to determine the dynamics of the tenant's target market and its position within that space. That market assessment includes a peer group analysis that measures the target company against its key competitors.

We examine eight financial and market factors in order to develop an opinion about the company as a business, with the Tenant Credit Rating Report presenting our judgment about how those factors would affect the company's prospects and qualifications as a tenant. One advantage to the Rating system is that, once an initial rating has been established, inexpensive updates can be done periodically in order to detect changes in the overall rating of a particular tenant.

Estimated fee range:* $2,400 - $3,200

The pricing on the reports is presented in estimated ranges since analytical projects vary widely in the complexity of financial documents, availability of market data, the cooperation of management, and other project-specific issues. The estimated fee schedules assume that a single company or market is being examined. The scrutiny of technology-based companies often requires specialized research efforts: markets are frequently ill-defined; the ability of management to productize a technology must be judged; and complex technologies need to be examined.

Expenses are in addition to analytical fees. All invoice payments are due on a net 30 day basis unless alternative arrangements are made prior to the start of a particular project.