Why Live With Uncertainty?

Our job is to supplement your internal ability to accurately assess the credit of
your tenants. Ask yourself the question, “Am I completely comfortable with our due-diligence process and capabilities?” If the answer is “no” or “maybe,” then why live with uncertainty? This is where we can help to add to your ability to make sound leasing decisions.

Having Alliance evaluate the credit of a particular tenant or tenant prospect is easy.

Simply contact us via email or phone, provide some details of the company you want analyzed, and we will do the rest. The Alliance Group will obtain financial documents, study relevant online information, interview management, gather data on markets and competitors, and write a report summarizing our findings and opinion. The depth of the analysis depends upon what you want us to accomplish. (see Options & Pricing)

When our final report is submitted to you, it is the end result of an exacting process of data collection from a wide portfolio of sources, and rigorous analysis by our research professionals. The end product is a reliable tool for making tenant decisions that gives you the opportunity to uncover problems before making financial commitments.

Where We Can Help.

The primary function of The Alliance Group's tenant credit evaluations is to determine the risk involved in a tenant transaction. Result: an enhanced ability to make sound tenant decisions and significantly reduce financial uncertainty.

Typical project assignments include:

Protecting TI Investments. With most tenancies, substantial dollars are spent on tenant improvements, broker commissions and periods of reduced rents. Our clients engage our services to help insure the soundness of their leasing commitments and to protect the dollars being put at risk.

Sanctioning a Building Acquisition. Part of the risk in acquiring a commercial building is determining the viability of tenants-in-place. Many clients engage us to analyze the risk of those tenants failing.

Justifying Build-to-Suit Projects. Build-to-suit always requires a serious capital commitment. Our clients employ us to accurately assess the risks involved and to reduce the chances of a future tenant restructuring.

Restructuring a Troubled Tenancy. We work with many clients in helping to decide whether or not to work with troubled tenants, and to determine the viability of current or revised business plans.

Preparing a Building for Sale. Clients use reports from Alliance as sales tools to help prospective buyers understand the stability and credit of large

Our credit evaluations employ a proprietary program that we call Red Flagging, which is a step-by-step analytical process that moves methodically through a company in a search for hidden problems and trends. There isn't anything magical about what we do. Our methods are based on years of experience on Wall Street and working with commercial real estate firms nationwide, scrutinizing companies and markets, and developing a clear picture where the risks might lie.

Red Flagging is a program designed to ensure that nothing has been missed or overlooked in the due-diligence process.

You gain the certainty and peace of mind that comes from knowing that all issues and critical factors have been thoroughly scrutinized. Red Flagging enables you to remove the nagging anxieties about problems that are hidden from view.

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